About Us

Dan the Baking Man is the new favorite supplier of delicious, flavorful, healthy plant-based baked goods. We create heavenly natural products that have low calories, low carbohydrates, low saturated fat, zero gluten, and no animal products. We are the antithesis of what processed baked products have become and we seek to provide consumers with the sweet baked items they crave in nutritious plant-based form.

How We Started

In 2017 Daniel, as an avid CrossFitter, started Dan The Baking Man while looking for healthier desserts as part of his Paleo diet. He searched everywhere for healthy sweets but found all the foods he loved were unhealthy and made with artificial ingredients like Stevia and Guar Gum. But Daniel was craving sweets and needed something. Finally, he had it and decided to make his own cookie. After several renditions, he knew he had created a delicious and nutritious cookie that was plant-based and had no stevia or Guar Gum! The cookies were a complete hit with his family, and he began selling the chocolate chip variety locally in Miami. Next, his younger brother Robert, an undergraduate studying Economics at the University of Chicago, joined the team and enrolled the company the College New Venture Challenge at the University. This year, the company grew to 12 stores across the east coast and is building a team to bring Dan The Baking Man to the future and launch more products!

Meet The Team